Several questions have been asked about dues, who pays, and what are they used for.  Based on our IRS tax classification, we are only allowed one class of members.  We are not allowed to exempt any member from paying dues.   Every member must pay their dues.  In the past, the practice has varied at times. That practice created issues with former members and with current members.  Our IRS tax classification does not allow us to exempt any member  until we change our tax classification.

Where are dues spent?  The dues are used to pay the club’s insurance and membership in the League of American Bicyclist.   The dues do not always cover that cost, depending on how many members we pay insurance for.  In the event the dues cover the cost of the insurance, the rest of the dues are used to help cover the operating cost of the website, fees with the state, and other administrative expenses.  Your dues help the club operate, but they do not fund the club.