The Board of Directors approved recognizing members of the club at our December Christmas meeting.  This will be something new, but should be very rewarding for the members.  The following awards will be presented and there may be additional awards.  We want to recognize the members that have contributed to the club during the year in an outstanding manner, and those that have participated in the club activities.

Distinguish Service Award

This award would recognize one individual annually that for their outstanding contributions to cycling, the cycling community, and the club. Their impact on furthering the mission of the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen is the primary criterion for selecting the recipient with additional factors to include: Quantity and quality of time devoted to club activities and functions; Longevity as an active contributor to the club; Impact on members (educational, service, financial), Impact on the community (educational, service, financial), Contributions to membership recruitment and development, Advocacy activities and overall promotion of cycling and the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen to the community.
Volunteer of the Year Award
This award would go to the person chosen based on their volunteer time donated to the club, their dedication to the sport of cycling, and their participation in other activities. This award would go to the individual that goes above and beyond the call of duty of a regular member.


Mileage Awards
Mileage credit can be earn for club rides that meet the approval of the Board and the Road Captain.  Certain rides are not eligible due to the type of rides.  All local club rides posted on the calendar are eligible.  The calculation for mileage starts from April 1st through October 31 for this year.  In future years the mileage will begin November 1st, through October 31st.    Awards will be presented to the top 2 male and female riders.  There will be a minimum number of miles to qualify.  Everyone still has a chance to be the top rider as the riding year is still young.